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Crystal Brown was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. Having come from a dysfunctional home, which involved alcohol abuse, she grew up having to overcome the many obstacles a chaotic environment creates. She helped carry the weight and responsibility of trying to uphold a sister, who was an addict and suffered from mental illness, as well as, helping maintain peace in the home.

Crystal tried desperately to understand God in all of the confusion surrounding her. Even though everything didn’t make sense, one thing she did know, God always had her covered.

The pressures of life at such a young age, sent Crystal 
spiraling down a road, of one bad decision after the other, which included running away from home, drugs, teen pregnancy, and ultimately serving time in prison.

After being released from prison, Crystal realized that even though she was physically free, she was still in prison in her mind; that is, until she surrendered her life to Jesus.

Having realized her true identity in Christ, she recognizes how the enemy tried to do to steal, kill and destroy her life. She carries a passion and a boldness to bring deliverance, especially to women who have been bound by life’s negative circumstances.

The Fragrance of Forgiveness was birthed out of a mandate from God to empower his people to forgive one another, as Christ has forgiven them.

Crystal has one daughter, two sons, and three grandchildren, and resides in Lansing, MI.


The Fragrance
of Forgiveness.

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